What People Say

  • “Hot Dogs & Hamburgers” was listed as one of the top books to read in 2013 by NetGalley.
  • CBSLocal.com, Interview with John Cody
  • “This little book has crawled into my heart and now I will champion it until my dying day.” –Jackie of the Tattered Cover Bookstore. Read the full review.
  • “This is a truly delightful book; funny and desperately sad in equal measure, exasperating and heart-warming, it kept me rooting for Shindler’s son Oliver and for all the adult learners we have met.” – Elizabeth at the Garden Window Blog. Read the full review. 
  • “Hot Dogs & Hamburgers is a beautifully written and touching memoir about one man’s commitment to change this unfortunate reality and make reading possible for illiterate individuals both young and old. It does a wonderful job shedding light on this affliction that affects individuals and communities throughout society while also upholding the dignity of the brave individuals who step up to make this important change in their lives.” -Jen at Book Scribbles. Read the full review.