Adult Literacy

Did you know there are 32 million adults in the United States – that’s 14 percent of the population – who cannot read, according to the U.S. Department of Education? Adult literacy is not only an educational issue; it’s a social issue that affects people of all races, cultures and walks of life across the country.

As a volunteer at Literacy Chicago, a nonprofit adult literacy center, Chicago native and attorney Rob Shindler experienced firsthand how adult illiteracy affects real people. His book, “Hot Dogs & Hamburgers: Unlocking Life’s Potential by Inspiring Literacy at Any Age,” chronicles his journey to help his son overcome a major reading deficiency through volunteering at Literacy Chicago. Here Rob learned the common misconceptions that come hand in hand with adult illiteracy and developed unconventional teaching methods to help his classes learn to read.

From breaking down the class’ favorite Motown song syllable by syllable to dissecting a passage from the Bible, Rob has found success with his teachings during his time as a volunteer at Literacy Chicago and has helped many adults learn how to read. His book is not only inspiring, but also puts faces to the statistics of adult illiteracy and humanizes the issue.