“Buy It Forward” Campaign

The Hot Dogs & Hamburgers “Buy It Forward” Campaign

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From the beginning, Rob’s goal has always been to give back. Whether volunteering at Literacy Chicago as a tutor or writing his story in the hopes that it would inspire others, his mission has always been to do good by those who are affected by adult illiteracy, both in his community and across the country.

Now, we’re taking that idea one step further.

We’re on a mission to get Hot Dogs & Hamburgers – the book, not the food, although each are delicious for the mind and taste buds, respectively – on every family room table in America.

This page was created so that our fans and advocates – whom we call “ambassadors” – can encourage their family, friends and colleagues to purchase the book with their unique "do good" promo code. By entering in your code, you will receive a special discounted price for the book of $13.00, which includes taxes and shipping.

But here’s the best part: for every book sold during the specific month that your ambassador has been assigned to by us, $4.00 (the net proceeds after incorporating publisher fees, cost of shipping and transaction fee) will be donated to the ambassador’s charity of choice. So for example, if the ambassador sells 100 books in November, they will earn $400 for their cause. If they sell 1,000 books, they will earn $4,000. With your help, your ambassador's donation amount could become very sizable very quickly!

You're probably wondering: Does that mean Rob won't be benefiting from his own book sales?

The short answer is no, he won't – at least not in monetary terms. Much like the idea of paying it forward, for Rob this campaign is about "buying" it forward. Our goal is simply to get the word out about Hot Dogs & Hamburgers, and what better way to do that then by giving back to the various causes our fans feel most passionate about?

By buying a book with your ambassador's unique promo code, you are supporting his or her favorite charity while also receiving a book that we hope will soon become your new favorite read. And as a bonus, the ambassador who sells the most books at the end of their assigned month will be featured with their charity in a special posting on our website.

Shipping Timeline

Books will be shipped within five to seven business days of receiving the order.

Refund Policy

At this time, we do not offer refunds for the “Buy It Forward” campaign or a Hot Dogs & Hamburgers book purchase.